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Beautiful M. Mantinia with blue crystal clear sea
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Ancient Messini .. The unique ancient city
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Discover Messinia

Mikra Mantineia

Leaving southwards from Kalamata we come to the seaside village of Mikri Mantineia. Beautiful clean beaches with pebbles and sand that welcome tourists year after year. The picturesque village between the rich green of the hills and deep blue sea can’t fail but impress visitors. The whole waterfront is overflowing with bars, cafes, restaurants and clubs.

Ancient Messini

Ancient Messini is one of the most significant ancient cities in terms of its size, structure and state of preservation and still has much to be discovered. Along with the sanctuaries and public buildings it has imposing fortifications, dwellings and burial sites. It has, amongst other things the rare advantage of never having been destroyed or covered by later settlements and sits in an unspoiled inland site in a natural Mediterranean environment. This natural environment combines the mountain grandeur of Delphi and the low riverside serenity of Olympia, the dominating bare limestone mass of Mount Ithome, the ancient acropolis and the low fertile plain spread below the ancient city.

In the arceological site you can see The Stadium and Gymnasium of Ancient Messina , The Ancient Theatre of Messina, templs, and the imposing fortifications.

Polylimnio: a wonderful array of small lakes

In the deep gullies of the ravine of the Mavri Limni (Black Lake) lies something very special. Polylimnio is a succession of tiered lakes. In a secluded setting lay 15 lakes, each a complete world in its own right, with its aquatic flora and fauna. With unusual names such as Black Lake, Little Heart, Italian, Kadi, Panagos, Stathoula and all of them are exquisitely beautiful. Along with gorges and waterfalls they create a unique green ensemble surrounded by olive groves and vineyards. The lakes are joined by successive waterfalls and lush shade. The most beautiful and largest are the Mavrolimni (Black Lake) and Kadi lakes which are fed by impressive waterfalls. Visit Polylimnio in the summer and follow the shaded pathways and dive into the cool waters. The path is made up of steps and rope barriers in the more difficult areas so this natural paradise is accessible to most visitors.

The Gorges of Viros and Rindomos

On the west side of Messinia, in the Messinian Mani and more specifically Lefktro, Viros Gorge, with a total length of 20 km. In ancient times widely known as the 'bridge' due to the fact that it connected Messinia with Laconia. The route is spectacular as the starting point is at an altitude of some 1,400m. on mount Taygetus and descends through the Vasiliki and St. Dimitri forests towards Kardamili and the sea. The Rindomos Gorge, located just outside Kalamata at the start of the Messinan Mani, is equally beautiful and challenging for anyone who wants to traverse its 19km length. The first historical mention of the gorge is made by Pausanias (160 AD). A set of cliffs and rivers with crystal clear waters, which, in conjunction with abundant vegetation and dense clusters of trees creates a coolness that in summer, even at midday, the sun's rays are unable to penetrate. 

The islands of Sapienza, Mariani , Agia Marina and Schiza

The group of islands to the south of the Messinian peninsula, just a short distance from the Methoni coastline, are known collectively as the Inousses Islands. They comprise of the islands of Sapienza, Mariani or Agia Marina and Schizas. These green havens conceal exotic vegetation in the hills and are a haven for wild birds and animals. All surrounded by crystal blue waters containing evidence of the ancient civilisations that used these waterways and more recently the exploits of the pirates that terrorized this coast.

Castle of Koroni , Castle of Methoni

Koroni Castle (6th or 7th century AD) is one of the finest specimens of Venetian fortress architecture, and is one of the few castles where people still have their homes and churches. Noteworthy are the churches of Agia Sophia and St. Charalambous - an old Catholic church which the Turks turned into a mosque and is now an Orthodox church.

Methoni was one of the major commercial and shipping centres in medieval times of the Mediterranean. Its castle is irrefutable evidence of the town’s wealth and power, built in the 7th century on a rocky promontory which was used as a defensive fortress of the Byzantines (395 AD - 1204 AD). In the northern part of the fortified citadel many important buildings have been found, including ruins of houses, two Turkish baths, the Byzantine church of Agia Sophia, the Church of Transfiguration, several cisterns and also the buried remains of British prisoners of war from World War II.

Welcome to Messinia, the place where ancient times and history are adorned by natural beauties.

Explore and wander around the antiquities that make up its glorious past.




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