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Beautiful M. Mantinia with blue crystal clear sea
Mantiniabay Hotel
Kalamata city only 10 min from the hotel
Enjoy your stay
Ancient Messini .. The unique ancient city
Discover Kalamata and Messinia

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We collect olives only from our groves, which are certified based on the way the trees are cultivated. Although nowadays mechanical means are available, our specialized olive pickers gather and sort the olives the traditional way, namely by hand.

The trees bearing olives are pruned and olive collection is done purely by hand, while branches with fewer olives are shaken with sticks. Olives are then placed in burlap sacks and sent to our certified olive mill.

We are very careful with following the above procedure to the letter, since this is what gives our olive oil its freshness and its natural aroma. Ιn our hotel you will have the opportunity to taste the famous olive oil and olives of our area.

Every year we select our oil from our own olive trees and we give to you with love this virgin oil which you can taste in our breakfast!





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